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The Salt Merchant and His Ass...
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Multiplayer Shooting Games 3D Mod Offline Bullet Strike Multiplayer Shooting Game 3D Mod APK 1.2 Features:Use your tactics to eliminate all enemiesMultiplayer Offline team shooter.10-minute survival game.5vs5 team Battle!...
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<p>Lock's Quest is a tower defence game with a slight twist: You're out there on the front-lines rather than just floating in the sky with omnipotence. It's not the most original spin on turret defence these days but it originally released back in 2008 on the Nintendo DS and it was revolutionary then. Now, it's coming to mobile devices later this year.</p><p>Players will take control of the titular Lock as he defends his village from the invasion of the Clockwork Army. The story unfolds over 75 days across various maps as you use a variety of traps, turrets and other helpers to repel Lord Agony's Clockwork soldiers. Meanwhile, back on the ground as Lock himself, you can make use of a variety of context-sensitive attacks as well as more powerful Super Attacks. You can check out some gameplay in the video below.</p>...