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<p>More Game of Thrones is on its way. Of course it is. There's always more Game of Thrones to be consumed somewhere. That's the law these days.</p><p>But, specifically, Episode 4 of Telltale's Game of Thrones adventure game series is coming.</p><p>It's called Sons of Winter and according to this tweet, it will be available to download "soon." That doesn't help you that much, probably.</p><p>It's not much use turning to us, either. What do we know about Sons of Winter? Not a whole lot, unfortunately. You'll have to make to do with what you can see in the screenshots below.</p><p>But, hey, at least there's a happy dragon, men looking concerned, and sharp blades thrust into your face. Yep, it's definitely Game of Thrones.</p>.

GAME NAME Galaxy Force Invasion

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com.sigmateam.Galaxy Force

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