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2、<p>With the Switch launch less than 24 hours away it's all-systems-go for Nintendo, especially now they've just launched their first update for the Switch.</p><p>A few lucky members of the media have had their hands on the Switch for a couple of weeks now, but since release day's creeping up the system is now updated and unleashed in all of its Switchy glory.</p><p>Included in the update you'll have:</p>A Switch battery % indicatorA 'Match TV Power State' (i.e. it matches your TV if it's asleep or awake)A notification that your controllers have synced when they've woken upAccess to the eShopAccess to sync up Nintendo Network IDAccess to post directly on Social NetworksAccess to add friends<p>While we're at it, the aforementioned eShop may not have any games on it just yet, we know when a few bits and bobs are on their way:</p>Super Bomberman R, £49.99 - 2nd March 2017ACA Neo Geo Shock Troopers and World Heroes Perfect, £6.29 each - 3rd March 2017Splatoon 2 / Mario Kart 8 / Arms (TBD)<p>We'll keep you updated if anything else arises.</p>Makeover Match: Home Design & Happy Match Tile(MOD)That shall prefer and undertake my troth."



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