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I'd be surprised if you guys hadn't heard of the game That Dragon, Cancer several months ago as it was the talk of the gaming community for its emotive and heart-breaking backstory. As of today it's now available on iOS.That Dragon, Cancer is an experimental narrative game which follows the Greens' experience as they raise their young son Joel after he's diagnosed with cancer at only 12 months old. Though he was only predicted to live a short amount of time, Joel lived for four more years before ultimately losing the battle.Having played the game before on PC I wouldn't say this is one for everyone. Powerful and emotive, absolutely, but it is slow, confusing at times, and very, very heavy on Ryan and Amy Green's religious beliefs. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but for those who absolutely die for a good hack-and-slash, this probably won't be for you.Even through the positives and negatives of That Dragon, Cancer it's memorable and truly a testament to Amy and Ryan's love of their son.Get the game on the App Store now for £3.99/$4.99..

GAME NAME WindWings: Space shooter

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