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Galaxy on Fire 2 was pretty damn awesome, and still stands up as one of the best sci-fi star explory, spaceship drivey, gun shooty games on mobile.Except it's about to get a sequel, when Galaxy on Fire 3 is released later this year.Featuring customisable ships, huge boss fights, and the ability to fight alongside your friends - and some amazing art.It's a good job Galaxy on Fire 3 has a photo mode, as its beautiful star scapes are something to behold, and, when Michael Krach (Studio Head of Deep Silver FISHLABS, the developer) showed me the game, it still stood up when blown to the size of a 40 inch plasma.The game can look a little cluttered and busy at times, but the fast paced music helps keep you focused, and there's enough variety to keep you entertained: races, bounties, and boss battles will continue to be added via content updates after release.Galaxy on Fire 3 is currently in soft launch, with the full game planned for release on iOS and Android in autumn 2016..

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